A child’s heart

I feel like writing about my students. I teach English as a second language to 17 groups of primary school students. I have about 500 students from grade 1 to grade 6.  When I started teaching at my school I thought I would never ever be able to remember all of their names.

5 years later (and about a thousand names later) I can say that not only I know all of my kids by name but God has given me a heart for each and everyone that comes through my class. In a week I receive all types of students of ALL levels of English. Some of these kids go through extreme suffering even at their young age and others are very privileged.

What amazes me most of these kids is their heart. This year I embarked my grades 3 to grades 6 in a special project. We decided to collect our small change and donate it for the construction of a school in a third world country. We are very privileged here to receive education and my kids were shocked to learn that millions of children in the world do not have that chance. So my grade 5 students created a committee and organised a contest called “We Create Change / build a school brick by brick”. Each group gets points in exchange for their change and the winning group will be invited for pizza.

The contest ends this week and we have collected over 500$. I’m proud of you kids. You are incredible.